101 Asian Dishes You Need to Cook Before You Die

101 Asian Dishes You Need to Cook Before You Die


Discover the secrets of authentic Asian cooking with "Authentic Asian Cooking Made Simple" by Jet Tila. This book features 101 delicious recipes, including Korean BBQ Short Ribs, Drunken Noodles, Beef Pho, and more.


A Sample of Recipes:
  • Korean BBQ Short Ribs on Coke
  • Beef Pho
  • Panang Beef Curry
  • Sweet Chili Sriracha Hot Wings
  • Miso Roasted Black Cod
  • Spicy Basil Beef (Pad Krapow)
  • Pineapple Fried Rice

Available in Kindle, Paperback and Spiral-bound.

The Complete Asian Cookbook Hardcover

The Complete Asian Cookbook Hardcover


Get the iconic "The Complete Asian Cookbook" by Charmaine Solomon. This classic book features 800 classic and contemporary dishes from 15 countries, providing straightforward recipes that are easy to follow.


Recipes Include:
  • Dhal Chapati
  • Moglai Biriani
  • Gobi Paratha
  • Kitchiri
  • Mattar Pilau
  • Goani Kebab
  • Malu Roast

Available in Kindle, Hardcover and Paperback.

Did You Eat Yet?: Craveable Recipes

Did You Eat Yet? Craveable Recipes


Experience the culinary delights of chef Ronnie Woo with over 100 All-American Asian-inspired recipes. From breakfast to dessert, indulge in dishes like Gochujang Grilled Skirt Steak and Caramelized Hong Kong-Inspired Egg Tart.


A Few Recipes:
  • Garlicky Almond & Spinach Pesto
  • Fugly Delicious Crispy Cheese Breakfast Tacos
  • Gochujang Grilled Skirt Steak
  • Butter Chicken Meatballs
  • Spicy Almond Pesto Udon with Baby Spinach
  • Salted Upside Down Banana Cake
  • Hawaiian Inspired Chicken Vermicelli Bun Bowl

Available in Kindle and Hardcover.

Lucky Peach Presents 101 Easy Asian Recipes

Lucky Peach Presents 101 Easy Asian Recipes


Explore the flavorful and uncomplicated recipes in "Lucky Peach: 101 Easy Asian Recipes." These dishes strike the perfect balance between delicious and simple, showcasing bold flavors and culinary worldliness.


Some of the Recipes:
  • Miso Clam Chowder
  • Sichuan Pork ragu
  • Chinese Sausage Fried Rice
  • Korean Grilled Chicken
  • Lamburgers
  • Kung Pao Shrimp
  • Miso-Roasted Fish

Available in both Kindle and Hardcover.

Easy Asian Cookbook: 100+ Takeout Favorites

Easy Asian Cookbook: 100+ Takeout Favorites


Recreate your favorite Asian-American dishes at home with the Easy Asian Cookbook. With over 100 flavorful recipes, including stir-fries, curries, noodles, and more, you can enjoy tasty meals in 30 minutes or less.


A Sample of Included Recipes:
  • Pad Thai with Tofu
  • Honey Walnut Shrimp
  • Chicken Adobo
  • Tuna Poke Bowls
  • Rice Noodles with Shrimp
  • japchae
  • Chicken Karaage

Available in both Kindle and Paperback.

Modern Asian Baking at Home: Essential Sweet

Modern Asian Baking at Home: Essential Sweet


Find beloved sweet and savory treats from across Asia in Modern Asian Baking at Home. With innovative twists and vibrant ingredients like miso and matcha, miso-mochi brownies and homemade boba.


Favorite Recipes:
  • Quick Microwave Mochi
  • Fluffy Japanese Pancakes
  • Lemony Matcha Macarons
  • Velvety Nama Chocolates
  • Heartwarming Lava Tangyuan
  • No-Knead Miso Focaccia
  • Vietnamese Egg Dalgona Coffee

Available in both Kindle and Hardcover.

The Asian Hot Pot Cookbook: Family-Friendly

The Asian Hot Pot Cookbook: Family-Friendly


Experience the joy of communal dining with The Asian Hot Pot Cookbook by Amy Kimoto Kahn. Discover a variety of broths, sauces, and complete recipes for hot pots from Japan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, and more.


Recipes Include:
  • Chanko nabe Sumo hot pot
  • Wagyu beef Sukiyaki
  • Pork Wontons with Macanese Broth
  • Seafood Medley Shabu-Shabu
  • Mongolian Lamb hot Pot
  • Rib Eye Shabu-Shabu
  • Korean Short Ribs in Kimchi broth

Available in Kindle, Hardcover and Paperback

Vegan Asian: A Cookbook: The Best Dishes from Thai

Vegan Asian: A Cookbook: The Best Dishes from Thai


Experience the flavors of vegan Asian cuisine with this cookbook. Discover 60 delicious recipes that will satisfy your cravings. This book is a go-to guide for creating incredible vegan versions of your favorite Asian meals.


Several Recipes:
  • Pad Thai
  • Char Siu Tofu
  • Vietnamese Mushroom Pho
  • Singaporean Chili Tofu
  • Chinese Lettuce Wraps
  • Japanese Yakisoba
  • Spicy Dan Dan Noodles

Available in Kindle, Paperback and Spiral-bound.

Cook with a Wok
How to Cook with a Wok

Cooking with a wok is a traditional and versatile method that originated in Asian cuisine. Here are some techniques and tips for cooking with a wok:

1. Season the wok - Before using a new wok, it's important to season it to create a non-stick surface. Wash the wok with hot, soapy water, rinse it thoroughly, and then dry it over low heat. Once dry, rub a thin layer of cooking oil, like vegetable oil or canola oil, over the entire interior surface. Heat the wok over medium heat for about 10 minutes until it smokes slightly. Remove from heat, let it cool, and wipe off excess oil. Your wok is now seasoned and ready for cooking.

2. Preheat the wok - Heat the wok over high heat until it becomes hot. The hot wok will quickly sear and cook ingredients while preserving their texture and flavors.

3. Stir-frying - Stir-frying is the most common technique used with a wok. It involves quickly cooking small pieces of ingredients over high heat while continuously stirring and tossing them. The high heat and constant movement help to retain the natural colors, flavors, and nutrients of the food.

4. Oil the wok - Add a small amount of oil to the hot wok and swirl it around the sides to create a non-stick surface. Use oils with high smoke points, such as peanut oil, canola oil, or vegetable oil.

5. Work in batches - For even cooking, cook ingredients in small batches. This allows each piece to come into direct contact with the hot surface of the wok, resulting in better browning and quicker cooking.

6. Cut ingredients evenly - Cut ingredients into uniform sizes to be sure they cook at the same rate. Smaller and thinner pieces cook faster, while larger and thicker ones may require more time.

7. Add ingredients in the right order -Start by adding ingredients that require the most cooking time, such as meat or dense vegetables. Stir-fry them for a while before adding quicker-cooking ingredients like leafy greens or vegetables.

8. Use high heat - Cooking with a wok requires high heat to achieve the characteristic "wok hei" or "breath of the wok." The intense heat helps to develop flavors and impart a smoky aroma.

9. Toss and flip - Use a spatula or wok ladle to continuously toss and flip the ingredients while stir-frying.

10. Finish with sauces and seasonings - Towards the end of cooking, add sauces, seasonings, and aromatics to flavor the dish. Toss the ingredients to evenly distribute the flavors.

11. Keep ingredients moving - Constantly stir and toss the ingredients while cooking to prevent them from sticking to the wok and to ensure even cooking.

Cooking with a wok requires practice and attentiveness. As you become more familiar with the heat and cooking times, you'll be able to create delicious and authentic stir-fried dishes with ease. Try one or more of the Asian cookbooks on this page for some fantastic Asian recipes.